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Aqu? les presento un video de la apoptosis "o muerte celular programada" por v?a extr?nseca.

Necrosis VS apoptosis - www.bahriandoctors.com - 03.09.2012 Necrosis VS apoptosis - www.bahriandoctors.com -
Mechanisms of cell death:
Necrosis VS apoptosis

Apoptosis 03.09.2012 Apoptosis

Apoptosis 03.09.2012 Apoptosis
Protein Lounge animations @ http://www.proteinlounge.com/Animation/Animation.aspx

Apoptosis is a cell suicide mechanism that enables metazoans to control cell number in tissues and to eliminate individual cells that threaten the animal's survival. Certain cells have unique sensors, termed Death Receptors, on their surface, which detect the presence of extracellular death signals and, in response, rapidly ignite the cell's intrinsic apoptosis machinery. Cytotoxic T cell with Fas ligand binds to the Fas receptor on target cell and induces apoptosis through a cytoplasmic Death Domain that interacts with signaling adaptors like FADD (Fas-Associated Death Domain). FADD recruits the inactive Procaspase8, which is proteolytically activated to Caspase8, which further cleaves and activate downstream effector Caspase3.

Activated BAX within the mitochondrial membrane leads to creation or alteration of membrane pores, resulting in Mitochondrial-Outer-Membrane Permeabilization that causes release of Cytochrome-C into the cytosol. Cytochrome-C associates with APAF1 protein and Procaspase9 to form the apoptosome, which activates Caspase9, leading to activation of downstream effector caspases, including Caspase3. Caspase3 cleaves ICAD-CAD heterodimer to free CAD to cause DNA fragmentation, thus causing apoptosis.

This animation illustrates the detailed process of apoptosis by extrinsic and intrinsic pathways.

Apoptosis 03.09.2012 Apoptosis
aka Cell Death.  Apoptosis is a process where a cell is degraded in order for it to be ultimately engulfed and recycled.  Apoptosis can occur when a cell has become mutated and is on the verge of becoming a cancer.  Apoptosis is also the reason why we don't have webbed hands and feet.

What basically happens is that the killer t cell communicates with the diseased cell by adhering to it by binding its death ligand to the death receptor on the diseased cell.  This causes adapter proteins to attach to the cytosolic side of the receptor.  This leads to a signal cascade which involves the recruitment of various other proteins and ultimately results in the death of the cell.

Credits:  Drew Berry







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